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I switched to Devops almost an 8 months ago, but never got around working with builds, release pipelines until recently. My area of interest has been working with SDKs so here I am playing with DevOps API. I am so amazed with the power of customizations you can do with these APIs and customize your pipelines like anything.

I dedicate this page to all DevOps fans sharing my two cents about the work I have done in recent months.

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I love the idea of how we can simply match the build numbers and use them as a verison on the generated assembly. To do this, we can just write a short powershell script inside the pipeline. Please make sure to read my previous article on how to use custom variables here. It illustrates adding powershell tasks and using custom variables.


This article will help you understand how to customize your build number for CD/CI pipeline. There are two ways either by using predefined variables or custom variables.