Debugging CRM scripts using IE developer tool

By | March 8, 2012
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Hello people, I dedicate this post to our newest developers using jscript in CRM. I have added steps on how you can debug your scripts with events like OnLoad, OnSave and OnChange. The process of using IE developer doesn’t change but I have customized it to CRM level.


  1. Internet Explorer (7.0 or above)
  2. CRM 2011 SDK
  3. Jscript basics


I want to display an alert on account form when I save the form.

Walkthrough Steps:

    • Open the existing record
    • Press F12 on your keyboard, you will see below screen appearing

    • Before even we start debugging, we need to identify the script which is already attached to this form. Click on the down arrow to look for your script/web resource. Below screen shot displays a list

    • Finally I have searched my library which I want to debug, I click Start Debugging and you will see following screen. Select the line you want to debug

    • Hit Save button to execute the script

    • You will see the debugger on your breakpoint line

For general article on using IE developer Tool, please read this