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Bootstrap star rating with bootstrap 4+

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Rate this post I wanted to use star rating available out of the box from bootstrap. I stumbled upon this link and started using this readily only to find that this does not work with bootstrap 4. So like any developer does, looked into the source code and modified JQuery Plugin to make this work. … Read More »

Enable/Disable out of the box ribbon items

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Rate this post Hello Guys, I have come up with an interesting article on enabling/disabling the out of box ribbon items in CRM 2011. This article demonstrates the order entity where I would be disabling the “Create invoice button” based on a condition in jscript. The script returns “false” or “true” value. Before we get… Read More »

Debugging CRM scripts using IE developer tool

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Rate this post Hello people, I dedicate this post to our newest developers using jscript in CRM. I have added steps on how you can debug your scripts with events like OnLoad, OnSave and OnChange. The process of using IE developer doesn’t change but I have customized it to CRM level. Requirements Internet Explorer (7.0… Read More »